Top 10 SaaS Companies in Nepal

Top 10 SaaS Companies in Nepal

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Top 10 SaaS Companies in Nepal

Software as a service (SaaS) is a popular model used for software distribution on the cloud within the tech sector. A third party service provider hosts the software on a cloud data centre. Customers access this service by logging in and opening their files using a web browser or an app. However, customers can usually only access this service via a subscription over a monthly or annual fee.

SaaS around the world

Now you are aware of what SaaS is, can you think of any popular global SaaS examples? If not, don’t worry we have you covered. To name a few, the following are popular global SaaS companies: Zoom, Grammarly, Microsoft Office 365, Slack and Hubspot. Leading tech giants are using SaaS due to its reaped rewards. First of all, as it’s online all the software is updated via the central server and installation can be done anytime from anywhere. Due to the subscription money, it saves upfront costs. Likewise, software can be developed quickly or scaled due to clients demands.

What about SaaS in Nepal?

In Nepal, the technology sector is constantly growing and more companies are establishing SaaS. In no particular order, the following are top 10 SaaS companies in Nepal:

1. Khalti

Launched in 2017, this company functions as a mobile wallet, payment gateway and service provider. Users of Khalti can pay for utility payments such as hotel bookings, flight tickets, cinema tickets, events, electricity, landline, internet and much more. Their goal is to make the lives of Nepalese more easier by allowing a system for a payment to be taken from offline to online.

2. Grepsr

Grepsr extract website data and turn it into a spreadsheet allowing your workflow to be simplified. They automate daily, weekly and monthly workflows. Likewise, they implement messages to allow projects to be tracked by allocating them with a ticket. They also automatically send data for analysis preventing duplicate data and initiating consistency. Grepsr offers a built-in support network for clients. They offer three different price plans starter, monthly and enterprise.

3. Klientsoft

Klientsoft host a multitude of SaaS services ranging from mass mailing, attendance management systems, reporting, quotation software, takeaway restaurant management software, travel software (creating packages, devising reports and monitoring accounts), point of sales and bills.

4. Deltatechnepal

Delta tech-based in Biratnagar has a delta sales app. Which has been designed for their target demographic, field salesman. This app allows users to automate order taking, payment collections, tracking salesman, GPS, beat planning and reporting business expenses.

5. KrishiGuru

An android mobile app designed for Nepalese farmers which provides agricultural knowledge and allows them to connect with other farmers, market traders, agricultural experts, input suppliers and others working in the agricultural sector. They offer free content and a paid subscription service. Both offer regularly updated information on market prices of different crops, bank information, agricultural-related news, weather forecasts, videos and many more. The paid service sends regular SMS texts with current farming information to users with an NCELL sim card. It also allows users to be in contact with agricultural experts, sending enquiries with a maximum response time of 24 hours.

6. NetTV

NetTV is a streaming service where subscription users can access live tv channels, movies, tv shows, music and on-demand services on their mobile or internet browser without any installation.

7. Wowtime

An app for Nepal telecom users which allows them to subscribe to watch live tv on their mobile.

8. Ekbana

Ekbana offers multiple SaaS products such as koklass, lumle and point Nemo. Koklass is a software which supports multi-city warehouse orders, handling and processing. It also monitors delivery and tracking of your products. Lumle is a software using machine-based algorithms. Which allow to predict forecasts of future sales demands of clients. Finally, point Nemo is an app which allows spatial data analysis, on the go asset mapping, hazard mapping and is customised based on your business needs.

9. PIE

Pie offers human resources and payroll systems allowing a business to focus on other things. They offer inhouse built-in analytics, direct deposits, operation over an amazon server and much more. PIE claim their software is suitable for a range of sectors from academia, banking, healthcare, hotel, trading and manufacturing.

10. ViberBanking

This is a software devised by F1soft which allows a messaging service between banks and their customers. It allows a chatbot interface to be built into Viber. Which allows banks to promote themselves and improve their customer service directly from personalised communication.

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