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We are your SWAT team for full-stack, high-speed web application design and development. Optimum Futurist provides services for mid to large multi-national enterprises. Our software development and consulting process is an improvised version of the industry-standard best practices.

Our Process

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Our innovative IT process lets us serve you best at every step along the way. It includes the following steps:

Capture and understand

During this step, our team listens. We take special care to deeply understand your existing website or software solution and ask a series of targeted questions about your vision of the new product. We'll then perform industry-specific research in your domain to better prioritize the unique values of your business model and use this information to build a better deliverable.

Prepare solution strategy

Up-front solution planning lets us finish your project faster and for less. At this step, our engineers begin translating your project requirements into technological terms. Then, we look into hundreds of software options to determine the optimum solution for your needs and carefully examine future adaptations and potential changes to ensure your software stays functional and long-lasting.

Estimate and engagement plan

After we establish a strategy and potential software routes, we turn to the estimation process. It is vitally essential for our team to give you a clear picture of what your end-services will cost. To that end, we provide a thorough estimate, cost-sheet, and engagement plan to help align your expectations and stay within your budget.

Design, develop and test

This is where we call in the big guns. Our professional software engineers will design, develop, and test your product. They've built hundreds of performant, robust applications across various domains and have a deep knowledge of industry best practices to ensure quality results. You get a lean, durable, and thoroughly tested end-product, and we get the satisfaction of building something incredible.

Ongoing support

Software is just like everything else - it needs ongoing monitoring and support to perform at its best. We offer a robust maintenance program to ensure your software functions as intended far into the future. And we also don't break the bank - most minor bug fixes, software updates, and patches are free or reasonably priced.

Case Studies

Technologies we use

These are the technologies we use to develop robust digital solutions for you and your business in our day-to-day life.

Frontend Development

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Used to build the aesthetics of your project, we utilize CSS extensively for both UI and UX design.

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React is one of the most popular (and highly extensible) frontend frameworks, and our engineers are experts at building fluid, robust React apps.

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We're Vue.js pros, and for a good reason - Vue.js is quickly gaining popularity as a performant frontend framework perfect for any use case.

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An opinionated and efficient framework, Angular is one of the backbones of the modern Web. Our developers have built hundreds of successful Angular projects.

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A special language created to make CSS programming easy. Eventually - its just CSS for webpage styling.

Backend Development

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Our engineers are Node JS experts. Built as the backend version of JavaScript, Node JS is quickly growing into a dominant, robust player in modern web development.

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One of the most popular languages of the past decade, PHP is your reliable, get-it-done backend workhorse. Our team knows the ins and outs of PHP and can maintain or scale any product with reliability.

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The database of choice for many small to enterprise-level projects, our professionals know MySQL from the ground up.

logo of Wordpress


As they say it "42% of the web is built on WordPress." This is the content management system for the web.

Mobile App Development

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Swift is Apple's fast, efficient language for mobile programming apps, and it's one of the dominant players on the App store. So if you want your mobile app on iOS (or Android), we have the Swift know-how to get it done.

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Flutter has made waves recently as a high-quality, open-source UI kit for both Android and iOS apps. We've taken it upon ourselves to become Flutter pros and quickly build, maintain, or fix Flutter apps.

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React Native

The "mobile app" version of traditional React, React Native, is used by hundreds of thousands of popular applications worldwide and delivers fast, efficient user interaction. Need a React Native app built or maintained? We're the team for the job!

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Let’s take your digital experience to the next level

IT isn't just something we do; our professional consultants live, eat, and breathe their work. We're committed to providing passionate, personalized service that elevates your business and improves your digital outcomes.


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